CAR003 Soulpeeling - Lost in Time (feat. Cora Frej)

1. Lost in Time


Groovy chill-out dub house with singer-songwriter Cora Frej.  Out now!


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CAR002 Soulpeeling - Mex Airline EP

1. Que Pasa Locke? (Club Mix)

2. Mex Airline (Club Mix)

3. Stained and Broken

4. Que Pasa Locke? (Radio Mix)

5. Mex Airline (Radio Mix)


Sunny Melodic and Jazzy House.  


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CAR001 Soulpeeling - I Enjoy This World EP

1. I Enjoy This World (Original recovered mix) 

2. The Pleasant One (Original recovered mix) 

3. Chevalier (Original recovered mix)


Old-Schoolish House Tracks. 


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